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July 26, 2005|By Richard Irwin

Police Blotter is a sampling of crimes from police reports in Baltimore City and Baltimore County.

Baltimore City

Eastern District

Arrest: Shane Burton, 17, of the 1100 block of Ashland Court in East Baltimore was arrested Friday afternoon at the city's Juvenile Detention Center on North Gay Street by members of the Warrant Apprehension Task Force on a warrant charging him as an adult with first-degree murder. Burton, who was being held on an unrelated charge, is accused of fatally shooting Jerry Evans, 24, in the 1100 block of McAleer Court on June 16. Burton was moved to Central Booking and Intake Center.

Burglary: A computer and several pieces of clothing were stolen Sunday from a house in the 1200 block of N. Broadway.

Southern District

Assault: A 44-year-old man was driving a 2003 Chevrolet truck in the 2300 block of Norfolk Ave. about 2:30 a.m. Sunday when someone fired several shots at the vehicle, causing the driver to lose control and strike a parked car. The victim suffered minor head injuries in the crash and was treated at Harbor Hospital Center.

Northern District

Theft: A moped was stolen Sunday in the 600 block of W. 39th St. but found later that day hidden in the 3500 block of Keswick Road.

Western District

Theft: All four tires and their specialized Kumho Halo rims - all valued at $5,200 - were stolen over the weekend from a 1998 Ford truck parked in the 2700 block of Woodbrook Ave.

Theft: Several compact discs were stolen Sunday from a parked 1997 Jeep Cherokee that was broken into in the 1300 block of W. North Ave.

Baltimore County

Essex Precinct

Burglary: Jewelry valued at $1,200 was stolen over the weekend from the bedroom of a house in the 700 block of Middle River Road.

North Point Precinct

Burglary: Two hundred CDs - all valued at $4,000 - were stolen over the weekend from a house in the 2500 block of Gray Manor Terrace.

Burglary: Someone entered a house in the 9400 block of Old Harford Road through a kitchen door over the weekend and stole $300 and jewelry.

Franklin Precinct

Robbery: A man, 26, argued with his girlfriend, 18, in the 100 block of Shetland Circle about 4 p.m. Sunday, and stole her purse containing $30.- Richard Irwin

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