Question: To buy ... or not to buy?

With the non-waiver trade deadline a week away, teams are trying to find the answer to their problems.

Baseball Week


AFTER THIS WEEK, you won't be inundated with media speculation, front office fibs or absolute done deals that never happen.

The non-waiver trade deadline is next Sunday at 4; the madness soon will subside.

Here's the best guess at what each major league team is thinking this week.

The buyers


Needs: A top-line starting pitcher and a power bat. Skinny: Available starting pitching is thin and costly. Marlins pitcher A.J. Burnett is the primary target, but he, for now, is tied to third baseman Mike Lowell's $21 million contract. The Giants' Jason Schmidt is intriguing. Pitching prospect Hayden Penn is team's best chip.

Boston Red Sox

Needs: A starter, two relievers and a right-handed bat. Skinny: They are in the Burnett sweepstakes and likely will land at least a reliever. Pitcher Bronson Arroyo and catching prospect Kelly Shoppach could be dealt.

New York Yankees

Needs: You name it. Starting pitcher, center fielder and lefty reliever. Skinny: They'll do something, as always. But they have little farm depth to offer.

Chicago White Sox

Needs: Starter, reliever, reserve middle infielder. Skinny: They have the prospects for a blockbuster but are afraid to mess with their chemistry.

Minnesota Twins

Needs: Third baseman, designated hitter. Skinny: They need run producers and could dangle reliever J.C. Romero or starter Kyle Lohse for a bat.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Needs: Mid-level starter, lefty reliever. Skinny: They have few holes and lots of prospects, but they don't usually go the rental-player route.

Texas Rangers

Needs: Pitching, right fielder. Skinny: They would take an entire staff if possible. Two starters and a reliever would work, but they don't want to move prospects.

Chicago Cubs

Needs: Power bat, setup men. Skinny: They traded for outfielder Jody Gerut. That might be the best they can do, unless they deal enigmatic outfielder Corey Patterson.

St. Louis Cardinals

Needs: Outfielder, left-handed reliever. Skinny: They'd love to get the Reds' Adam Dunn for now and the future. Expect a smaller outfield deal.

San Diego Padres

Needs: Right-handed bat at third, starting pitcher. Skinny: They may have obtained both yesterday, getting third baseman Joe Randa from the Reds and possibly Sidney Ponson from the Orioles.

Atlanta Braves

Needs: Relievers, left-handed hitter. Skinny: With a stocked farm system, they are again in a great position to make a second-half charge.

Washington Nationals

Need: Mid-level starter. Skinny: They've already added the biggest piece, outfielder Preston Wilson. Maybe outfielder Marlon Byrd gets dealt again.

The sellers

Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Needs: A better owner, more youngsters. Skinny: The Rays are tough trade partners but have leverage with closer Danys Baez and utility man Aubrey Huff.

Cincinnati Reds

Needs: Pitching, prospects. Skinny: They moved Randa for two minor league pitchers, but shortstop Rich Aurilia should go, too. The jewels are outfielders Adam Dunn and Ken Griffey.

Pittsburgh Pirates

Needs: Major league-ready young hitters. Skinny: Left-handed starter Mark Redman, outfielder Matt Lawton and first baseman Daryle Ward can be had. More coveted is starter Kip Wells.

Colorado Rockies

Needs: Youth, preferably major league ready. Skinny: They've already dealt three players. Expect pitcher Shawn Chacon and outfielder Dustan Mohr to follow.

Kansas City Royals

Needs: Corner outfielders, starters. Skinny: They want to hold onto their relievers and first baseman Mike Sweeney, so outfielders Matt Stairs and Terrence Long are their chips.

Seattle Mariners

Need: Youth. Skinny: Mike Hargrove is caught in another fire sale. Left-handed starter Jamie Moyer, closer Eddie Guardado and outfielder Randy Winn are all drawing interest.

The fence riders

Toronto Blue Jays

Needs: Top starting pitcher and hitter. Skinny: The Jays have money and a wild-card chance, but they might deal closer Miguel Batista or outfielder Frank Catalanotto.

Cleveland Indians

Needs: More young studs. Skinny: They are probably a year or two away from really contending, so pitchers Kevin Millwood and Bob Wickman could be dealt.

Detroit Tigers

Needs: Power hitter, closer. Skinny: They think they're still in the wild-card hunt. If not, former Orioles pitcher Jason Johnson tops their trade block.

Oakland Athletics

Need: Right-handed power bat. Skinny: General manager Billy Beane likes to be a buyer and a seller. He could deal newly acquired left-hander Joe Kennedy, but Barry Zito likely stays.

Arizona Diamondbacks

Need: Relief pitching. Skinny: Would like to buy, but if pitcher Javier Vazquez and outfield prospect Conor Jackson are off limits, not much happens here.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Needs: Health, power bat. Skinny: The Dodgers want to make a late push, but injuries have hurt. So whispers surround pitchers Jeff Weaver and Odalis Perez.

San Francisco Giants

Needs: Young starters, left-handed hitter. Skinny: The jewel is ace Schmidt, but second baseman Ray Durham and right-hander Brett Tomko are more likely trade bait.

Florida Marlins

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