Community Q&a

July 24, 2005

How many acres of publicly accessible parkland does the county own?

Anne Arundel County owns approximately 11,000 acres of parkland, all open to the public. Undeveloped areas are a large portion of that acreage - there are 4,500 acres of undeveloped, open space land that include hiking trails and forested areas frequented by bird watchers, with virtually no landscaping.

The next-largest component of the total parkland is the county's community and athletic parks, which have approximately 4,000 acres. These areas are typically well-developed and include sports fields and restrooms.

There are also 1,200 acres of land devoted to the large regional parks dotting the county, such as Quiet Waters Park, Downs Park and Kinder Farm Park. These parks are typically actively staffed and may require a nominal entry fee.

The remaining 1,300 acres of parkland are designated sanctuary areas. All of the county's sanctuary land is contained within the Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary, which is protected under state and federal environmental laws. The Jug Bay sanctuary is the site of continuing wildlife research and education programs.

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