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July 24, 2005


Roberts likely to align in style

Legal analysts say John G. Roberts Jr. would likely align in style and substance on the Supreme Court with the man he once worked for, Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist. [Page 1a]

`Discovery' launch set for Tuesday

NASA has started the countdown again for the launch of the shuttle Discovery. The launch is set for Tuesday morning. [Page 3a]


British police shot wrong man

British police admitted yesterday that the man they shot and killed in London Friday was not connected to the recent subway and bus attacks. The victim was identified as Jean Charles de Menezes, a 27-year-old Brazilian. [Page 1a]

Egyptian bombing death toll rises

The death toll in Egypt's resort bombings rose to at least 88 people yesterday, as authorities vowed to hunt down those responsible. Most of the victims were Egyptians. At least two Britons, two Germans, an Italian and a Czech were also killed. [Page 1a]


Md. schools face hiring frenzy

As they enter the last five weeks of summer vacation, Maryland school systems are scrambling to fill thousands of vacancies because of turnover, retirements and new positions. Adding to the annual hiring frenzy is competition among districts nationwide for the "highly qualified" teachers required by the end of the next school year under a federal accountability law. [Page 1b]

Residents split over Berger plan

Residents of the Holly Neck section of eastern Baltimore County are divided over developer Leonard P. Berger's plan to build 110 homes - 12 mansions that will sell for $1 million each and 98 villas to be built in clusters - in their community. [Page 1b]


Tutoring proves to be a test

No Child Left Behind, the federal law enacted to improve public schools, has given private tutoring companies a potentially huge new source of income by requiring troubled schools to contract with tutors to help low-income, low-performing students. But to companies in the field, the anticipated annual market of $2 billion has hardly been realized. Thousands of students eligible for free tutoring are not signing up. [Page 1d]

Identity theft aid at your fingertips

The rise in identify theft has spurred interest in biometrics technology for retailers. In the handful of stores using it, customers scan a fingertip into a system, which activates payment through a bank account. However, some consumer and civil liberties groups raise concerns. [Page 1a]


Ponson trade awaits Nevin's OK

The Orioles have agreed to a deal that would send pitcher Sidney Ponson to the San Diego Padres for first baseman Phil Nevin, though the trade hinges on Nevin's approval, according to industry sources. [Page 1e]

Orioles lose fourth in row, 3-2

Damon Hollins broke a seventh-inning tie with an RBI single off Sidney Ponson, giving the Tampa Bay Devil Rays a 3-2 victory and the visiting Orioles their fourth straight loss. [Page 1e]

Armstrong set to close out win

Lance Armstrong won the 34.5-mile individual time trial and all but clinched his seventh straight Tour de France championship. He increased his overall lead from 2 minutes, 46 seconds to 4:40 entering today's conclusion, a ride into Paris. [Page 1e]


FX show dramatizes Iraq war

For the first time on television, a primetime series will depict a current war. FX's new drama Over There portrays the lives of young soldiers in Iraq and their families back home. [Page 1f]


Play dates for moms

"Mommy dating" is the search many a parent undertakes for like-minded friends with children. [Page 1n]


The rural beauty of Chiang Mai

Rural beauty meets urban artifice in the northern province of Chiang Mai in Thailand. [Page 1r]


"These bombings are a cancer. The bomb does not choose if it kills an American or British or Egyptian. It kills all the people." Sammy Al Said, Sharm el-Sheik resident (Article, Page 1A)



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