Put the brake on speed demons


July 24, 2005|By Jody K. Vilschick | Jody K. Vilschick,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

CAROL VASQUES wonders about aggressive driving behavior and the unintended consequences on local highways.

"What about ... Gov. Ritchie Highway and Robert Crain Highway? These roads have stores and residential driveways, left turns [and] pedestrians," she said.

She worries about the many drivers who exceed the speed limit on these roads.

In particular, she was concerned about speed demons on Route 2 near Anne Arundel Community College.

"The 14 MTA bus has been known to drop off students on the southbound side of Route 2. These people have to cross six lanes of highway to get to class," she said.

She wonders: "What chance would a pedestrian have if Mr. McSpeedy were zipping along in the left lane, 10 miles over the 50 mile per hour posted speed limit?"

Unfortunately, they wouldn't have much chance at all. Which is why rules are there to begin with.

Speaking of speed demons, readers are still responding to Ralph Pratt's provocative comments that ran two weeks ago. He described how he prefers to drive in the left lane, often at speeds well above the posted limit.

He also said that if he is approached by a faster driver who tailgates him, he'll slow down to well below the speed limit.

Bruce Whitney responded with disbelief.

"People like that are a major reason why driving is so [messed] up nowadays," he said. "Mr. Pratt apparently has come up with his own rules (hey, I can cruise in the fast lane and if someone wants to pass me, tough. They have to pass me on the right), adding to road rage and people having to jerk in and out of lanes to pass Mr. Pratt. Mr. Pratt needs some remedial driver's ed and fast, or at least to be pulled over and ticketed."

Bay Bridge updates

If you're planning to go to the shore this summer, go to http://www.baybridgeinfo.com/laneclosure.html for updated information about lane closures and construction work on the bridge.

For up-to-the-minute traffic information on the bridge spans and at the tolls, call the Bayspan Hotline at 1-877-229-7726.

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