July 23, 2005

Local sports commentators have long been so enamored of Cal Ripken that they've built a strange mythology around him.

The Sun's Peter Schmuck recently added to the legend by identifying Ripken as a player who belongs in the same pantheon as Frank Robinson, Hank Aaron and Willie Mays, at the same time stating that Rafael Palmeiro does not belong.

I'll buy that Palmeiro is a cut below that group, but Palmeiro has about 1,100 fewer at-bats than Ripken, yet has more career home runs and RBIs, plus a better batting average, on-base percentage and slugging percentage.

Ripken was a good ballplayer. Palmeiro has been consistently better. He just hasn't had the advantage of the consistently adoring media spin.

John Bonn Towson

Region should forget about bidding for 2016

I read with despair that some view Baltimore-Washington bidding again for the 2016 Olympics with a glimmer of hope ["Baltimore-D.C. could get back in bidding game for 2016," July 7]. Isn't it enough that five years of effort and $9.5 million was spent bidding for the 2012 Games?

With our schools in the condition that they are in, our streets filled with potholes, our homeless and unemployed not making any progress, our arts institutions holding on by a thread or disappearing entirely and money being poured into the fight on terrorism, how arrogant of anyone, much less city planners, to even broach the subject.

Helene Breazeale Baltimore

Poker doesn't belong in the sports section

I feel a need to take The Sun's editors to task for printing articles pertaining to the World Series of Poker.

Who are we kidding here? At best, this kind of reporting belongs on the back pages of the entertainment pages because that's what it is, entertainment, and certainly not sport.

The Sun's sports reporters and editors have jumped onto the "poker hype bandwagon." Wouldn't the space you devote to poker be better used on covering local sports teams?

Patrick R. Lynch Parkville

O's Flanagan, Beattie still dropping the ball

Had co-general managers Mike Flanagan and Jim Beattie made good on their offseason "highest priority" commitment to land a No. 1 starting pitcher, the Orioles would not be in this pickle today.

Instead, Frick and Frack decided, in their infinite wisdom, to shore up the bullpen by signing the National League duo of Steve Kline and Steve Reed. I guess Mike DeJean recommended them.

May I add to the above mix the names of such notables as Omar Daal, Rick Helling, Damian Moss, Eli Marrero and Keith Osik?

Also, let's not forget the public relations signing of Sammy Sosa and the brilliant move to reacquire Sidney Ponson.

Do these guys really know what they are doing?

Morton D. Marcus Baltimore

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