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July 21, 2005|By Sam Sessa | Sam Sessa,Sun Staff

Comedian Patton Oswalt doesn't want to go mainstream. He'd rather have a solid core of fans who love his attitude, openly liberal slants and rants. He said he doesn't like it when parents see his supporting role on the TV sitcom King of Queens and bring their family to his shows. They usually end up walking out.

Instead, Oswalt wants to have a rowdy crowd when his Comedians of Comedy tour hits the Recher Theatre on Wednesday. The show, which will be filmed for a Comedy Central special, also features Brian Posehn, Zach Galifianakis and Maria Bamford.

You hardly ever transition between jokes. Why is that?

Probably because it's the way I talk and think. I guess I just trust the audience to pick up wherever I jump in. So, I don't need to go, "OK, now I'm going to be talking about this." You can just sort of start. People get what you're doing very quickly. ... I don't really know what order my jokes are going to come in every show. I try to keep it random for me because that gives me an edge because I don't know what will lead into what. Everything is very open-ended.

How many of your jokes are fresh on this new tour?

Probably 40-50 percent, because it changes every day depending on what happens to me during the day or who I talk to.

You upload oodles and oodles of diary entries on your Web site (www.pattonoswalt.com). Does writing come easy for you, or do you really have to squeeze it out?

I kind of fling it out, and then go back and revise it. It's just like the act -- starting it and getting it out there all sloppy and then you can go back and tweak it. That's kind of how I do it. It's not like squeezing it out. It's still hard in the revising and going back through all the jumble. The initial opening the gate and letting it out -- the act of doing that is always hard, but once I can get going, I'm usually OK.

The Comedians of Comedy Tour plays the Recher Theatre, 512 York Road in Towson, at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday. Call 410-337-7178 or visit www.rechertheatre.com.

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