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July 17, 2005

Last week's question: New County Executive David R. Craig got right down to business after his swearing in Thursday, announcing that he will impose a county government hiring freeze and direct department heads to cut spending by 10 percent for at least the first 90 days of his term.

Craig made it clear he wants to introduce an era of fiscal belt-tightening. He said the spending cuts might remain in place until the end of the year. That would save about $6 million, using figures from the general government fund of the operating budget, savings Craig said he wants to translate into a property tax decrease.

What do you think of the county executive's initial moves to rein in county government spending? Should money that is saved be used to pay for a tax cut?

Craig's actions are encouraging

I am encouraged already by the words of David Craig. But mostly, I am so pleased that we are being led by a lifelong Harford County resident. His experience as an educator and mayor are going to be tremendously beneficial as he leads the county forward.

I am happy to hear of the belt-tightening he wants to do. Let's see if we can save some money in the administrative portion of the government and put that money toward expanding schools, getting rid of "portable classrooms," and creating some tax breaks for homeowners.

Finally, I think Mr. Craig is right on the mark when he says that local government works on "quality of life" issues. This sounds to me like a man who wants to make Harford the best county it can be for all Harford county folks ... and that is the path we should all want to follow!

Nancy Kenney Joppa

We want your opinions

ISSUE: Harford County would see a net increase of nearly 2,200 jobs under the Pentagon's proposed military base relocation plan, which calls for thousands of civilian workers to be reassigned from Fort Monmouth, N.J., to Aberdeen Proving Ground. Local leaders say they have worked hard to make the county an attractive home for the kind of high-tech research conducted at the installation. But the relocations, if they go forward, would present challenges for a county required to house, transport and educate those new workers and their families.

QUESTION: How prepared do you think Harford County is for a wave of new defense industry employees, and what steps should local officials and communities take to ensure any large-scale relocation goes smoothly?

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