July 16, 2005

Ripken night just a way to divert fans' attention

I notice that there's another Ripken night coming up! ["Ripken's `Iron Man' record to be celebrated Sept. 5, 6," July 6]. Oh boy, one can hardly wait as Ripken waves to the crowd and slowly, ever so slowly, runs around the field throwing kisses to the crowd. This reenactment of the record-breaking day will cause the fans to forget that another team with a meager payroll, less than an hour away (Washington), is in first place; managed by Frank Robinson, one of the great Orioles who refused to play a flunky role to Angelos.

The honoring Ripken thing is Angelos' diverting attention away from the fact that the Orioles will forever be relegated to the second division. I for one would trade Ripken's record and Ripken himself for a team that is competitive!

Joseph Michael Cierniak Glen Burnie

Baltimore's tradition lives on in some Orioles

At midseason, I believe I understand the main problem with the team that wears the word "Orioles" (regretfully not "Baltimore") across the front of its home and road uniforms: not enough "Baltimore Orioles."(To define Baltimore Oriole, see biographies of Frank and Brooks Robinson, Mark Belanger, Cal Ripken Sr. and Jr., Earl Weaver, Don Baylor, Boog Powell, Eddie Murray, Elrod Hendricks, Rick Dempsey, etc.) First, some good news, there are several Baltimore Orioles on the current 25-man roster: Melvin Mora, Rafael Palmeiro, Brian Roberts, B.J. Ryan, B.J. Surhoff, and - especially - Miguel Tejada. And several other players still may one day earn this honor. Now, for the bad news: Several guys (whom our owner pays big money to) - unfortunately - just don't have what it takes to be "Baltimore Orioles" - even in their wildest dreams. The sooner upper management recognizes this and moves them elsewhere the better!

Ted Lingelbach Parkville

Looks like I's have it for the O's this year

Before reading Roch Kubatko's Orioles "Notes" in the paper I had no idea Newman was playing for the Orioles now. It appears he hasn't changed much from his days on Seinfeld. Everything is still me-me-me. Oh ... that's not the same Newman? Hmmm. Are you sure?

David Robinette Pasadena

Offering Lee Mazzilli 4 steps to job security

I recommend the following to Orioles manager Lee Mazzilli, if he is interested in retaining his job.

1. Stop trying to be a Joe Torre clone - that style does not play well in Charm City - see Earl Weaver.

2. Get rid of the two Steves - Kline and Reed. Remember Mike Dejean, another National League castoff. Use those great young arms.

3. Bench Sammy Sosa. Play him only against left-handed pitching and use him as a DH.

4. Place Sidney Ponson so deep in the bullpen that he can eat his doughnuts in peace.

Good luck, Lee. You can thank me later - say, after the World Series.

Avery Sieg Ellicott City

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