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July 14, 2005


Chief justice hospitalized

Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist, ill with thyroid cancer and at the center of intense speculation that he will step down soon, was hospitalized late Tuesday with a fever, according to a brief Supreme Court statement yesterday that fueled fresh talk of an impending retirement. [Page 3a]

Space shuttle launch delayed

In a disappointing setback for NASA's effort to return the space shuttle to flight, mission planners called off the launch of Discovery just hours before its scheduled liftoff yesterday, blaming a faulty fuel gauge in the vehicle's external tank. [Page 3a]

Bush quiet on Rove, leak

President Bush said yesterday that he would not judge the role that senior aide Karl Rove may have played in revealing the identity of a CIA agent until a federal criminal investigator had finished his work. Bush's comments came as Matthew Cooper, a reporter for Time magazine, was giving a detailed accounting of a conversation he had with Rove to a federal grand jury. [Page 5a]


Attention focuses on Leeds

With the London bombing investigation focusing on the city of Leeds, leaders there assured the public yesterday that the city was not a haven for radical Islamists. But many residents expressed a different view. [Page 1a]

Suicide bomber kills children

About two dozen children, two Iraqi adults and a U.S. soldier were killed yesterday when a suicide bomber rammed his vehicle into an American Humvee as soldiers handed out candy to children. [Page 1a]


Probation officer convicted

A 33-year-old former state probation officer pleaded guilty in federal court yesterday to one count of extortion after prosecutors said she accepted payments from people under her supervision to avoid having to report. Prosecutors said she extorted thousands of dollars from 23 probationers convicted of drinking-and-driving offenses. [Page 1b]

Mfume makes allegations

U.S. Senate hopeful Kweisi Mfume said yesterday that unnamed Democratic Party operatives were trying to block his nomination by orchestrating which candidates ran against him, and he said the party risked losing traditional support from black voters as a result. [Page 1b]

O'Malley defends property sales

Mayor Martin O'Malley defended yesterday the selling of city-owned real estate for less-than-appraised market values, saying it's a common way to jump-start economic development. He was responding to concerns raised by a city councilman about the sale of two city-owned downtown properties. [Page 1b]

Hollinger announces House bid

State Sen. Paula C. Hollinger announced her candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives yesterday, seeking Maryland's 3rd District seat. Hollinger, a 26-year veteran of Maryland politics, will give up her Senate seat in the bid to replace Rep. Benjamin L. Cardin, who is running for the U.S. Senate. [Page 1b]


NHL, players union agree to deal

The National Hockey League and its players association reached a six-year collective bargaining agreement, ending a 10-month lockout that resulted in cancellation of the 2004-2005 season. The deal includes a hard salary cap, revenue sharing and 24 percent rollback on existing contracts. [Page 1e]

Vinokourov makes up ground

A day after being pummeled by Lance Armstrong's march to Courchevel, Alexandre Vinokourov won Stage 11 of the Tour de France and regained 1 minute, 15 seconds of the more than six minutes that he had lost to the six-time champion. [Page 3e]


Steep sentence for WorldCom boss

Weeping in court as he learned his fate, former WorldCom boss Bernard Ebbers was sentenced to 25 years in prison yesterday for leading the largest corporate fraud in U.S. history. It was the toughest sentence imposed on an executive since the fall of Enron in 2001 touched off a wave of business scandals. Even with possible time off for good behavior, Ebbers, 63, would remain locked up until 2027, when he would be 85. [Page 1a]

Home bubble may pop in 2 years

Forces from investor speculation to job losses could burst the housing bubble in some major U.S. markets in the next two years, according to research by a private mortgage insurance company reported in the latest edition of Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine. Boston led the list of the riskiest housing markets in the United States, according to the report. [Page 1d]

Hecht's may become Macy's

Shareholders approved Federated Department Stores Inc.'s takeover of rival May Department Stores Inc. yesterday, an $11 billion deal that will bring Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Lord & Taylor and Filene's under one corporate umbrella. As part of the deal, Hecht's stores are expected to be converted into Macy's in the coming months. [Page 1d]


ABC's look at Internet dating

ABC follows 11 women in New York City as they begin relationships with men they met on the Internet. The five-part series beginning tonight is a blend of documentary and reality television. [Page 1c]

The start of the nuclear age

Lawrence Johnston is one of the very few people who witnessed the first three atomic bomb explosions. He is in Washington today to participate in a discussion about the birth of the nuclear age. [Page 1c)



A suicide blast in Baghdad takes the lives of more than two dozen people, many of them children. For developments and archived coverage of the war in Iraq, go to


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"We are crying but we are going."

Dina Achdari, spokeswoman for the West Bank settlement of Ganim where residents have chosen to accept Israeli withdrawal demands (Article, Page 1A)








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