Fallen eaglet goes home

July 10, 2005|By Yvonne Johnson | Yvonne Johnson,APG NEWS

After taking a 40-foot tumble from its nest high atop a tower at Aberdeen Proving Ground, an eaglet was found by a biologist and returned safely to its nest.

Using a bucket truck normally used for high-wire maintenance, APG endangered-species biologist John Paul returned the eaglet with the help of proving ground personnel.

The 8-pound eaglet was found last month by Joe Ondek, a environmental contractor working at APG. Ondek suspected the eaglet might have been blown from its nest during a thunderstorm.

The eaglet was examined to ensure it had sustained no injuries. The bird was then given to Kathy Woods, a wildlife rehabilitator.

"She's only about 11 weeks old and unable to fly just yet, so she was unable to return to her nest," Woods said.

After giving the eaglet a clean bill of health, Woods met Ondek and Paul two days later to return the eaglet to her nest.

"These birds are a protected species and the symbol of our country. It's up to all of us to do what we can to keep them safe," Paul said.

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