Letters To The Editor


July 10, 2005

Freedom Area board lauds commissioners

The Executive Board and members of the Freedom Area Recreation Council thank the county commissioners for their vision: searching for solutions to address the ongoing problem of finding adequate recreational resources in our South Carroll community.

The addition of a gymnasium to the new South Carroll Senior Center and the development of the Krimgold property are courageous decisions designed to meet the current and future needs of our community.

The commissioners' financial support demonstrates their commitment to park and recreational opportunities for the citizens of Carroll County.

In 2004, the recreation council offered programs to over 11,000 citizens, resulting in over 350,000 visits to our current recreational facilities.

Over 3,700 volunteers, who saved Carroll County almost $2 million last year alone, support these programs.

The needs of the citizens of South Carroll are ever increasing as new families move into our community and then seek recreational opportunities.

Our South Carroll Senior Center is used for various recreational classes and programs over 30 hours a week - that is in addition to the hours when it is open for seniors.

The recreation council is a prime example of community citizens fulfilling the intent of the Joint-Use Agreement policy that outlines the co-use of facilities for both education and recreation.

In South Carroll we have expanded this policy by utilizing private and public facilities to meet the growing recreational needs of our community.

We are grateful that the commissioners have taken the first step toward developing Krimgold Park, which will support programs of the Freedom council and the Winfield Recreation Council.

Over 4,000 children will directly benefit from the planned fields at Krimgold Park. The number of families who will benefit from the planned park trails and picnic areas are countless.

The council urges the commissioners to continue to support the development of the Krimgold Park facility so that the quality of life we enjoy in Carroll County can be maintained.

We look forward to partnering with the commissioners to make Krimgold Park a positive addition to our community.

Executive Board,

Freedom Area Recreation Council

The letter is signed by Ken Whalen, president; Sue Pobobnik, member at large; Sue Holt, member at large; Dave Greenwalt, vice president; Chris Carroll, member at large; Curt Weise, member at large; Andy Roberts, treasurer; Steve Delman, member at large: Tracy Cox, Secretary; and Mike Smith, member at large.

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