Howard housing-school resolutions rejected

Surprise council vote delays development decisions in county

July 06, 2005|By Larry Carson | Larry Carson,SUN STAFF

The Howard County Council last night unexpectedly rejected resolutions that regulate development in communities near crowded schools.

Council Democrats, who hold a 3-2 majority, voted with Republicans in rejecting charts that project school enrollments and regulate housing allocations for builders.

The council votes on school enrollment and housing allocation resolutions each year as part of the county's Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance to establish how many houses may be built in the county and how many school districts will be closed to development in three years. The delay is intended to provide time to reduce school crowding.

The council's vote last night delays development decisions until at least October, when it is to vote again on the charts.

Councilman Ken Ulman, a west Columbia Democrat, triggered the surprise vote last night. He said he believes council Republicans sometimes vote against measures for political reasons that they believe the majority will approve anyway. Republicans denied that.

"I'm tired of their having throw-away votes. Votes have consequences," Ulman said.

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