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July 06, 2005


Judge to rule on `Time' leak

A federal prosecutor said yesterday that it's not enough for Time magazine to release the name of the source or sources who leaked a CIA officer's identity. Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald demanded that reporter Matthew Cooper himself testify or go to jail. A judge's ruling on the case is due today. [Page 3a]

Suspect charged in kidnapping

An abducted 8-year-old girl told authorities that a man tied up her family before she and her 9-year-old brother were taken away in a pickup truck, according to court papers released yesterday. Joseph Edward Duncan III, 42, of Fargo, N.D., was charged with two first-degree kidnapping counts and ordered held without bail yesterday. [Page 3a]

Tropical storms head toward La.

Gulf Coast residents were put on alert yesterday as two tropical storms headed toward Louisiana, setting a record and potentially ominous pace for the young 2005 hurricane season. Tropical Storm Cindy was expected to hit the north-central Gulf Coast by early today. [Page 6a]


Envoys attacked in Iraq

Gunmen fired at vehicles carrying the chief envoys of Bahrain and Pakistan in separate attacks yesterday, stepping up an apparent campaign to intimidate nations from upgrading ties with Iraq. Yesterday's attacks came three days after Egypt's top diplomat was abducted on a Baghdad street. [Page 1a]

Gunmen storm Hindu shrine

A suicide bomber blew up a security fence yesterday, and gunmen then stormed a Hindu shrine complex in Ayodhya, India, at the center of Hindu-Muslim strife, setting off a two-hour gunbattle that left all six attackers dead, police said. [Page 12a]


Investigating prison contraband

A black market bazaar of heroin, marijuana, pornographic videos, tobacco, cell phones and top-shelf liquor is routinely being smuggled past security checkpoints and into Maryland's troubled prisons, an investigation by The Sun has found. [Page 1a]

Craig named Harford executive

David R. Craig, a small-town mayor who fell short in a past election to become Harford County executive, was picked last night by the County Council to take over Harford's top post, filling the position vacated several months early by his predecessor. [Page 1b]


Greeting cards for cheaters

A Maryland entrepreneur has introduced a line of cards for adulterers - those who, for instance, might be missing their secret loved ones while celebrating holidays with their families. Local stores are greeting Cathy Gallagher's creations with mixed emotions. [Page 1c]

An ode to poetry schemes

Alan Cordle, a librarian at Portland (Ore.) Community College, has created an uproar in the poetry community by writing on what many in the field have long whispered about. Cordle says judges routinely award prizes to their students and friends. And, he offers proof. [Page 6c]


A `stodgy' move for Mason

Legg Mason Inc.'s conservative chief executive, Raymond A. Chip Mason, was reluctant to expand his Baltimore investment firm into the world of hedge funds. However, he did so as an add-on to the Legg-Citigroup deal with Isaac Souede's Permal Group, which analysts describe as "stodgy." [Page 1a]

NeighborCare negotiates

NeighborCare Inc. said yesterday that it was in talks to sell the company to Omnicare Inc. for $34.75 a share - the first time the two rivals have willingly negotiated since Omnicare launched a takeover bid more than a year ago. [Page 1d]

Refurbishing the Mechanic

The parking lot magnate who's the new owner of the shuttered Morris A. Mechanic Theatre has no plans to demolish the complex, one of downtown Baltimore's earliest redevelopment efforts, and has hired an architect to redesign the facade as a first step toward revitalization. [Page 1d]


Yankees rout Orioles, 12-3

Rodrigo Lopez gave up a career-high 10 runs - five earned - and a season-high 11 hits in three-plus innings, as the Orioles fell to Randy Johnson and the New York Yankees, 12-3. The Orioles, who have lost 11 of their past 13 games, trailed 10-0 after four innings and committed three errors. [Page 1e]

Armstrong takes Tour lead

Lance Armstrong and his Discovery Channel mates set a record of 35.54 mph while winning the team time trial at the Tour de France. The victory handed Armstrong the lead after four stages. [Page 1e]

Nationals edge Mets, 3-2

Esteban Loaiza won against Pedro Martinez, throwing eight strong innings to lead the Washington Nationals to a 3-2 victory over the New York Mets. [Page 5e]


Standing up to a bossy boss

Some bosses believe bullying is an effective way to achieve results, and others just like feeling dominant. Rather than designing an escape plan, experts said, employees could tame bad bosses by speaking up, seeking help and uniting with fellow victims. [Page 1k]


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QUOTE OF THE DAY"I don't know what their membership is, and guess what? It's not my business."

Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr., addressing criticism yesterday of a fund-raiser he hosted at an all-white country club (Article, Page 1B)








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