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July 05, 2005


EPA testing plan denounced

While Congress pushes to restrict scientists' use of human test subjects for the Environmental Protection Agency, the agency is seeking to loosen its own rules for such experiments. EPA toxicologists, physicians and lawyers have denounced the agency's proposed ethical guidelines as dangerous. [Page 1a]

Bush to court favor at G-8 meet

President Bush will use the annual Group of 8 summit to burnish the U.S. image and pledge support for the top priorities of his allies. The administration hopes to build good will for Bush's goals, chief among them bringing stability to Iraq. [Page 1a]

Mainline church OKs gay vows

The United Church of Christ's rule-making body voted overwhelmingly to endorse same-sex marriage, making it the largest Christian denomination to do so. The vote is not binding on individual churches but could cause some congregations to leave the fold. [Page 3a]


Two Navy SEALs found dead

Two Navy SEALs missing in Afghanistan have been found dead, a U.S. official said. Meanwhile, a U.S. airstrike in the country's eastern mountains killed 17 civilians, including women and children, an Afghan official said. [Page 8a]

Syrian security, militants clash

The Syrian government said its security forces clashed with a band of militants -- including former bodyguards of Saddam Hussein and others involved in the insurgency in Iraq -- on a resort mountain overlooking Damascus. [Page 9a]

Abduction worries diplomats

The kidnapping of Egypt's top envoy in Baghdad has sent shivers through the capital's small diplomatic community and may further hamper Iraq's drive to restore full diplomatic relations with the world. [Page 9a]


More to college orientation In a shift from previous generations, incoming college freshmen are summoned to campus during the summer for orientation -- days of testing, question-and-answer sessions, lectures and ice cream socials. [Page 1a]

Harford leader to be chosen

The Harford County Council is poised to select a new county executive tonight, the first time since the county charter was adopted in 1972 that voters will not pick the leader. [Page 1b]

Witness intimidation typical

In April, as legislators were in the midst of drafting tougher witness-intimidation laws, one homicide witness was shot and left for dead. Though he survived and identified his alleged attacker, the shooting is one of a string of such incidents plaguing Baltimore's criminal justice system, according to city prosecutors. [Page 1b]


Marconi's history remembered

Until two weeks ago, Marconi's restaurant remained a bastion of fading gentility on a downtown street that sometimes forgets its manners. Now, longtime employees and customers recall the storied history and cuisine. The restaurant's doors closed June 18. [Page 1c]

Great Artscape show at BMA

Artscape at the BMA: Observation Deck, the terrific exhibit on view at the Baltimore Museum of Art, is its contribution to the city's annual three-day outdoor arts festival that starts July 22. Observation is one of the best Artscape exhibits in recent memory, says Sun art critic Glenn McNatt. [Page 1c]

Series shakes up reality formula

The '70s House is MTV's new experiment in mind games and competitive cohabitation. Expecting to appear on The Real World or Road Rules, selected kids are shocked to discover that they must immerse themselves in the fads of 30 years ago. [Page 1c]


Orioles fall to Yankees, 13-8

The Orioles came back from six runs down but lost to the Yankees, 13-8, in New York. The Orioles' hold on second place in the American League East is down to 1 1/2 games over the Yankees. [Page 1d]

Mets halt Nats' winning streak

The New York Mets ended Washington's winning streak at six games by beating the Nationals, 5-2, at RFK Stadium. It was the first major league game on Independence Day in Washington since 1968. [Page 1d]

Hall of Famer Stram dies at 82

Hank Stram, who coached the Kansas City Chiefs to two Super Bowls, died at a hospital in suburban New Orleans. He was 82. Stram, who also worked as a broadcaster, was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2003. [Page 1d]


Pension accounting faulted

An analysis of the 500 largest American companies finds that the pension accounting allows nearly all of them to inflate their net worth. But the biggest discrepancy is at GM. [Page 7d]

New uses for model planes

Thousands of entrepreneurs foresee model airplane technology being turned into countless civil and commercial uses such as search and rescue, storm chasing, movie filming and utility line inspection. [Page 7d]



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"He's not going to win any charm school accolades. But people respect him."

G. Terry Madonna of Franklin and Marshall College, commenting on Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania (Article, Page 1A)

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