July 02, 2005

O's Mazzilli has flaws, but he should return

The Orioles' silence on Lee Mazzilli's contract extension is an obvious message to him: Win the division or you are gone. It's that simple.

However, I think he deserves at least another year, winning the division or not. Whether the Orioles' success so far has to do with Mazzilli or the clubhouse and field leadership of Miguel Tejada is another question for a later time.

My only problem with Mazzilli's managerial style is that he has a tendency to leave pitchers in one batter too long. He has cost the Orioles a number of games with that type of indecision.

Mazzilli may not be animated enough for some people and has some flaws. However, the Orioles are playing better than they have in seven years. You have to give him some credit for that. The revolving door has to stop in the dugout as well as the front office. Don't mess with success.

Phil Bauer Bel Air

Not keeping Mazzilli would be a big mistake

I was flabbergasted to read Peter Schmuck's June 29 column ["O's silence says Mazzilli won't return"]. That the Orioles have a winning record, let alone are contending for the division lead with a team that has seen six of eight starters injured for varying periods of time, is nothing short of incredible.

If the Orioles fail to re-sign manager Lee Mazzilli, it will be the worst mistake the team's management has made since not re-signing Rafael Palmeiro to a second five year contract.

Leon Reinstein Baltimore

Mazzilli's future might hinge on Sosa handling

I'm glad the Orioles' brain trust believes Sammy Sosa is about to break out in a big way. Meanwhile, Sosa is planted in the middle of the lineup, and for half the season he has been a bigger lemon than the Ford Edsel.

As manager Lee Mazzilli continues to coddle and make excuses for this over-the-hill bum, Orioles fans can't help but wonder why such ineptitude is being rewarded.

Mazzilli must answer for Sosa. His future as manager of the Orioles may depend upon it.

Morton D. Marcus Baltimore

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