Community Q&a

June 26, 2005


How much Anne Arundel County land is immune to development because of protective easements?


Although construction is burgeoning, especially in the western part of the county, close to 12,000 acres is under permanent protective easement by the county. Anne Arundel County covers about 267,230 acres. Nearly 30 percent of that, 80,169 acres, is zoned for agricultural use, with most of the agricultural land in the southwestern part of the county. Although the amount of farmland in the county has steadily declined, the county recently revised its farm and woodland preservation program to expand the acreage. Anne Arundel County also has about 33,000 acres zoned for open space, consisting primarily of county parkland or wetlands areas. The state and federal governments own and control about 12,000 acres in the county, including Fort Meade.

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