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June 19, 2005|By John M. Moran | John M. Moran,Hartford Courant


Which way are energy prices headed?

That's anybody's guess, but you can find out quickly where they stand right now. On a single Web page, Bloomberg.com presents the latest price quotations on key energy commodities.

If you're interested in petroleum prices, for example, you can check on the latest deal involving West Texas intermediate crude, Brent crude from the North Sea and crude, gasoline and heating oil trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange, known as the NYMEX.

Natural gas fanciers get current prices on the Henry Hub in Louisiana, as well as the NYMEX and New York pipeline gateway. Peak electricity pricing is quoted for various suppliers as well.

All quotes are listed with the current price, price change, percentage change and the time of the last transaction.

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