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April 24, 2005


Senate faces `nuclear option'The Senate is preparing for a politically bruising fight this week, with Republicans threatening to cut off Democratic filibusters blocking President Bush's judicial nominees. The fight could effectively shut down the Senate. [Page 1a)

Details emerge in Bolton dispute

Newly declassified e-mail details the fight between John R. Bolton, the nominee for U.N. ambassador, and analysts at the State Department and the CIA. The messages suggest even greater animosity than was revealed in recent public testimony. [Page 3a]


Six Iraqis held in copter crash

U.S. forces detained six men believed to have been involved in the downing of a civilian helicopter that left 11 people dead Thursday. The military also announced the death of a U.S. soldier from a bomb in Anbar province. [Page 14a]

New pope addresses journalists

In his first news conference as pope, Benedict XVI spoke in four languages to thank hundreds of journalists yesterday for their hard work. He reminded them that they had an "ethical responsibility" to seek out the truth. [Page 18a]


Bill would extend drug's reach

In the two years it has been on the market, buprenorphine - a pill that subdues drug addicts' cravings with little risk of abuse and without creating long-term dependency - has reached only a small fraction of those who could benefit from it. That could change under a bill before Congress. [Page 1a]

Surprise surpluses welcomed

One year after dire economic forecasts forced them to rein in spending, city and county leaders find themselves unexpectedly flush with cash. Healthy revenue projections have spurred proposals to cut property tax rates. [Page 1b]

Battle brewing in Mount Vernon

A long-sought plan to revive the historic Mount Vernon neighborhood by encouraging larger-scale development has resulted in a standoff over the height permitted for buildings. Homeowners and preservationists want to suppress height, while business interests want flexibility to build higher. [Page 1b]


Ravens pick Oklahoma's Clayton

The Ravens selected Oklahoma receiver Mark Clayton with the 22nd overall selection of the NFL draft. They took another Sooner - defensive end Dan Cody - in the second round, and later traded up in the round to get Syracuse offensive tackle Adam Terry. [Page 1e]

Bedard, O's defeat Blue Jays

Erik Bedard threw seven scoreless innings and Brian Roberts hit a leadoff homer in the Orioles' 4-1 victory over the Toronto Blue Jays. Bedard, from Nevan, Ontario, scattered seven hits and matched a career high for innings pitched. [Page 1e]


A challenging start for Sonum

Founders of Sonum Technologies Inc., the tiny Columbia startup developing technology for speech-driven computers, knew it needed a solid business plan. With that in place, they're going after venture capital this summer. [Page 1d]


Renovation transforming Basilica

A year into a $32 million renovation aimed at restoring its original design, it's clear that nearly every square inch of Baltimore's 200-year-old Basilica of the Assumption is being transformed. Archdiocese officials are hoping that Pope Benedict XVI may be among its visitors when the basilica is expected to reopen next year. [Page 5f]

Cell phones get in on the act

Cell phones have become such a nuisance at stage shows that they've spawned their own art form: the pre-curtain anti-cell phone announcement. From Broadway's Spamalot to Baltimore's CenterStage and Everyman Theater, theater productions are battling buzzing, ringing phones. [Page 6f]



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"When there is a problem of lack of faith and lack of religious practice in the West, I think someone like Pope Benedict XVI would be inclined to blame it on the world. I would blame it on the church."

Margaret Hebblethwaite, columnist with the British Catholic magazine The Tablet (Article, Page 1A)

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