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For spritzing, not sipping

Soothe that scalp

April 24, 2005|By Tanika White | Tanika White,Sun Staff

You've been covering your legs up all winter, but now it's just about time to show them to the world -- whether in a flirty skirt, a pair of Bermuda shorts or in your bathing suit.

Fortunately for you, Schick has come out with a new razor that it says will help make those gams ready for public inspection.

The Quattro for Women razor is unique because it has four blades -- like a man's razor -- to deliver a superior shave.

The company says that it studied women's shaving habits and discovered that many women were using men's razors anyway, declaring the performance and quality of the razor better. So it developed this razor with that in mind, but with added "female" touches.

For instance, the Quattro has an oval head to cover the larger surface of women's shaving area. It also has a metal handle and raised rubber grips to provide better control in a wet shave environment.

Schick's Quattro for Women is available at mass food and drug retail outlets. The average retail price for a refillable razor handle, two razor cartridges and a shower hanger is $8.99.

Soothe that scalp

For African-American women, braiding, locking, twisting and weaving hair can cause tightness, itching, dryness and scalp irritation. Those styling techniques -- however beautiful -- can also cause damage to the hair shaft.

Many black women feel like it would take a miracle to get hair that damaged back to a healthy, shiny, luxurious state.

Enter Dr. Miracle.

Dr. Miracle's new Braid Relief line says it can end these common problems, and add sheen and luster to the hair as well.

"Since braiding, locking and weaving continue to be popular trends, women have been asking for a product that truly helps," said Brian K. Marks, founder and president of Dr. Miracle's, a multi-cultural hair care company. "That is why we created Dr. Miracle's Braid Relief."

The product's spray formula is applied directly to the scalp, targeting the areas that most need relief. The "Feel It" gel formula replenishes essential moisture to the scalp and hair shaft. And it has a special complex that awakens hair follicles by stimulating blood flow to the scalp.

Dr. Miracle's is available at beauty and barber supply stores and online at Prices range from $6.99 to 9.99.

For spritzing, not sipping

Is it is possible to drink perfume?

Now that Elizabeth Arden has introduced a new fragrance, Green Tea Summer, you'll wonder the same thing.

Inspired by the bright sunny days and luscious fruits of summer, Green Tea Summer smells so refreshing, you'll want to pour it into a frosty cocktail glass, and sip it through a straw.

Just listen to how the company describes the notes in the fragrance. According to Elizabeth Arden, Green Tea Summer "opens with a mouthwatering citrus cocktail of tangerine, lemon and bergamot, accented by cool cassis sorbet."

You don't even have to know what all those things are to admit they sound delicious. Even the fragrance's bottle looks edible -- all pink and green like cool watermelon.

Oh well. We'll just have to be content to merely wear it.

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Summer is available for a limited time at Elizabeth Arden counters. A 1.7-ounce bottle retails for about $25.00.

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