Angelos should cable Comcast suit to MLB


April 23, 2005|By JOHN EISENBERG

OPINION: I know Peter Angelos doesn't defer to anyone on legal matters, but if I'm the Orioles, I lateral this Comcast lawsuit right to the boys and girls in the legal department at Major League Baseball and tell them. "You wanted your team in Washington, you got it. Figure this out."

Fact: The Orioles are averaging 34,283 fans per game through 10 dates in 2005. (Up almost 4,000 per game over last season's first 10 dates, by the way.) The Nationals, meanwhile, are averaging 32,014 through seven dates.

Opinion: Of course, what Comcast really wants is money, money, money in exchange for giving up control of the Orioles' television broadcasts.

Fact: Only five of the 16 games on the Ravens' 2005 schedule are against opponents that won a playoff game in 2004 (Colts, Jets, Vikings and Steelers twice).

Opinion: The worst thing about the clunker baseball movie Fever Pitch is that it's loosely based on a wonderful book with the same title, detailing author Nick Hornby's lifelong obsession with the English soccer club Arsenal. My advice: Read the book, don't bother with the movie.

Fact: The last time the Orioles played this well early in the season was, let's see, hmm, last year, when they were four games over .500 on May 19 before sinking in the AL East.

Opinion: Terps guard John Gilchrist was led astray by whoever told him he belonged in the NBA. He might not even get drafted. But with that said, his combination of size, strength and skills aren't a bad match for the pro game. Some team should give him a chance.

Fact: Antawn Jamison was 2 years old, Larry Hughes was an infant and Gilbert Arenas wasn't born when the Washington Wizards (then Bullets) last won a best-of-seven playoff series in May 1979.

Opinion: The Wizards will knock out the Chicago Bulls in their first-round series before bowing to the Miami Heat in the second round.

Fact: Three years removed from College Park, but just 22 years old, Chris Wilcox averaged fewer minutes, points and rebounds per game this season than last season for the Los Angeles Clippers.

Opinion: It's too bad the NBA will never get the minimum age restriction of 20 it wants. The restriction would raise the caliber of both the pro and college games.

Fact: Only three American League teams had higher team ERAs than the Orioles heading into last night's games.

Opinion: Steve Nash and Shaquille O'Neal both had MVP seasons, but if the Los Angeles Lakers won 22 fewer games this season without Shaq and the Dallas Mavericks actually won six more without Nash, O'Neal probably should be the MVP.

Fact: Miguel Tejada threw both of his batting gloves to a kid behind the Orioles' dugout after hitting into a double play against the Red Sox Thursday night. Now there's a souvenir.

Opinion: Although the Philadelphia Eagles don't have to do a thing for Terrell Owens, they might want to help their disgruntled star receiver save face (and remain a willing contributor) after having his call for a new contract basically ignored. Don't be surprised if they offer a minimally restructured deal to give him a little something.

Fact: Clarence "Big House" Gaines, who died earlier this week, won 828 games in 47 seasons at Winston-Salem State, and Jim Phelan won 830 in 49 seasons at Mount St. Mary's. But the two college basketball coaching legends met on the court just twice, in the NCAA Division II playoffs in 1985 and 1986. Phelan won both games.

Opinion: Three words to describe the NBA league office's reaction to the Cleveland Cavaliers' failure to get LeBron James into the postseason: Annoyed. Very annoyed.

Fact: Think Brian Roberts is hot? Walter Young was hitting .720 as a designated hitter for Triple-A Ottawa going into last night's game. He was 18-for-25 as a DH and batting .500 (24-for-48) overall.

Opinion: Although Young, 25, probably needs more seasoning, the Orioles' left-handed hitters are all struggling. Expect the club to find a way to get him here by June.

Fact: George Steinbrenner has never finished better than fifth with any of his five previous Kentucky Derby entries before Bellamy Road, the likely 2005 favorite.

Opinion: The Ravens' biggest need is in the offensive line, but they'll draft elsewhere in the first round today because better players will be available. The guess here? A receiver.

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