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April 22, 2005|By Gary Lambrecht | Gary Lambrecht,Baltimoresun.com Staff

Sun reporter Gary Lambrecht answers readers' questions about college lacrosse.

Rob, Fallston: Do you think the game would be better served with a shot clock, say, of 30 seconds once the attacking team crosses midfield?

Gary Lambrecht: The shot clock discussion has gone on for a good decade or so, and I doubt the NCAA will make that move anytime soon. But, as the game has slowed down so much with so many teams holding the ball for long stretches, whether to protect a lead or to shorten the game against a deeper, more talented opponent, I think a shot clock discussion remains relevant. I'd like to see the sport experiment with a 60-second clock, which would begin upon a change of possession.

Mike, Florida: Why hasn't Maryland ever dominated college lacrosse?

Gary Lambrecht: Maryland has certainly not been a little sister in the big picture of college lacrosse. The Terps have been strong for an extended time, just not a program that lines up the Division I titles. I suspect it can be traced to recruiting battles over the elite players, battles that are usually won by the bluebloods such as Princeton, Syracuse and Johns Hopkins. Remember, Virginia endured quite a title drought before its resurgence in the past five or so years. With the game getting stronger across the board, it will only get tougher for Maryland to win titles.

Chuck, Tallahassee, Fla.: When Florida State adds men's lacrosse as a varsity sport, how quickly do you think the Seminoles will become a power?

Gary Lambrecht: With so many talented athletes playing the game at the recreational and high school levels and the college game stagnating in growth under the weight of Title IX, any Division I school that makes a true commitment to winning can have an impact sooner than later. Florida State surely could join that pack.

Tony, Salisbury: Hobart moved up to Division I and hasn't made the tournament since. They were dominant in Division III, winning multiple titles. Was moving up a good move for Hobart?

Gary Lambrecht: I think it's too soon to pull the plug on Hobart, which didn't expect to take its Division III dominance over to the Division I world quickly. Maybe it's taking Hobart longer than expected to establish a foothold as a Division I power, but this is just the type of school that may be sniffing at a Final Four in the short term. The parity that is defining so much of the game now only gives more hope to the Hobarts of the lax world.

Rob, Greensboro, N.C.: I'm going to make you work on this one. Who's the all-name team of college lacrosse? I'm assuming Virginia's John Christmas is on there. Who else qualifies?

Gary Lambrecht: Other members of the All-Name team would include Brett Bucktooth (Syracuse), Cameron Marchant (Cornell), Tyler Krummenacher (Notre Dame), Lucius Polk (Notre Dame), Dan Whipple (UMass), Max VanArsdale (Penn State), Simon Manka (Virginia) and Adam Fassnacht (Virginia).

Chris, Reisterstown: Who do you think will win the NCAA tournament this year?

Gary Lambrecht: Johns Hopkins will inspire the greatest tailgate party in school history when it wins the NCAA title for the first time in 18 years.

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