Police Blotter


April 15, 2005|By RICHARD IRWIN

Police Blotter is a sampling of crimes from police reports in Baltimore City and Baltimore County.

Baltimore City

Western District

Arrest: Aubrey Lang, 19, was arrested Monday by Warrant Apprehension Task Force officers after they spotted him riding a bicycle on Walbrook Avenue. Lang is charged in a warrant with attempted murder in the Feb. 11 shooting of Dewarn Spencer, 27, in the 2200 block of W. North Ave.

Drug arrests: Police, responding to a call reporting men selling drugs in the 200 block of N. Fulton Ave. on Wednesday evening, arrested five suspects and seized a quantity of cocaine. Charged with possession of 11 vials of cocaine and possession with intent to distribute cocaine was Darnell Reynolds, 20, of the 3500 block of Millvale Road, Woodlawn. The others, each charged with a drug violation, were Ira McCray, 24, of the 2500 block of Salem St.; Jamaal Carter, 26, of the 3700 block of Twin Lakes Court, Woodlawn; Marquis York, 30, of the 800 block of Cooks Lane; and Darnell Damon, 40, of the 2500 block of Hollins St.

Southern District

Theft: A global positioning satellite device valued at $1,300 was stolen Wednesday from a 2004 Ford truck parked in the 100 block of W. Barre St.

Baltimore County

Cockeysville Precinct

Vandalism: A racial slur was painted on the side of a 1994 Toyota Camry on Tuesday in the 300 block of Lord Byron Lane.

White Marsh Precinct

Burglary: A generator, air compressor and other equipment, valued at $4,100, were stolen Wednesday from a trailer at a construction site in the 1100 block of Middle River Road.

Essex Precinct

Burglary: Paint, an air conditioner and an electric drill - all valued at nearly $700 - were stolen Wednesday from a house in the 500 block of Middle River Road.

Burglary: Someone broke into a house under construction in the 600 block of Luthardt Road on Wednesday and stole two screw guns, two routers, a glue gun and an extension cord, all valued at $1,344.

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