The Hulkster cries foul over cockfighting

The Flip Side


Hulk Hogan wants to toss animal cruelty out of the ring. The pro wrestling legend, who has a pet rooster named Lily, has joined with the Humane Society of the United States in an effort to persuade boxer Roy Jones, who recently bought a cockfighting arena in Louisiana, to get out of that business.

Hogan's argument?

Cockfighting, he said, is "not a real sport."

The road to the major leagues can be paved with ... lousy motels. Listen to Gabe Ribas of Brunswick, Maine, describe the worst place he has stayed during his four years in the minors.

"There's one place that stands out as the absolute worst - the Apache Lodge in Prescott, Ariz.," Ribas told The Times Record of Brunswick. "Ants on the walls, a showerhead with one cold dribble of water. There were three of us for two twin beds and a cot after a 12-hour bus ride, and we had to get up and play the next day."

Hey, it could have been worse. Was Tony Perkins the desk clerk?

Roger Cooper, a linebacker from Montana State heading into the NFL draft, sort of got his head shrunk when he went to Indianapolis for the scouting combine. Cooper told the Bozeman Daily Chronicle he didn't realize the combine would entail such a thorough mental evaluation.

Cooper said he was asked whether he'd rather be a cat or a dog, whether he would try to hide or escape if he were in a skyscraper during an earthquake and whether he would be a leader or follower if he were in a gang.

Cooper called it "the most nerve-wracking experience of my life."

But what Mr. Flip wants to know is: What would Cooper do if he led a gang of dogs that was inside a skyscraper during an earthquake?

It has come to Mr. Flip's attention that there is a National Surf League. Furthermore, the team names include the Santa Cruz Stormriders, Ventura Pelicanos, Los Angeles Arc Angels, San Diego Sea Lions and Orange County Octopus.

Brad Gerlach, who developed the format, said his goal was "to bring the excitement and spectator-friendly nature of mainstream sports to surfing."

And to add a set of silly names to the sports world.

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