Letters To The Editor


April 10, 2005

Mobility concerns must be addressed

Mr. Freeze's letter re: the evacuation policy is right on the money. People with permanent and temporary mobility challenges are being forced to "step to the back of the bus" and to remember their place in society.

Clearly, the county values these children and their school attendants not at all. Please broaden this discussion to include the entire Baltimore metro area as it is unlikely that Carroll County is the only county in the area with such a medieval view of the physically challenged.

It will take more than a few squeaky wheels in Carroll County to force the necessary changes in what is surely a broader societal viewpoint. Would that the spirit of the late Pope John Paul II, a champion of human rights, touch the hearts and minds of the policy-makers so that they remember that every student is some mother's and father's beloved child.

Sue Keller Finksburg

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