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April 10, 2005

Last week's Speak Out question asked what should be done with the county's budget surplus, which will top $50 million for fiscal 2005.

Not all of the surplus in budget up for grabs

I was glad to see your April 3, 2005, question on the County Budget. We are always interested in public input, but I need to clarify a point.

The projected increase in the budget from FY '05 to FY '06 is a little more than $50 million. Of that increase, the Department of Management and Budget recommended that the Commissioners focus the use of approximately $29 million on capital projects like roads and schools rather than adding on-going operating costs.

Most of that $29 million is from surpluses in FY '04 and FY '05 generated by revenues tied to a hot housing market. Comments can also be directed to Ted Zaleski at tzaleski@ccg. carr.org.

Ted Zaleski

Zaleski is director of the Carroll County Department of Management and Budget

We want your opinions

ISSUE: Carroll County has a $12.5 million budget surplus from fiscal year 2004, which ended June 30 and a projected surplus of at least $10 million from FY05. An additional $6.1 million from general revenues will give the county a total of $28.6 million that is not yet allocated to specific projects. Officials are considering proposals on how to best use the surplus revenue. Budget administrators have recommended that the money not be spent on operating expenses, but rather used to tackle a long list of capital projects, such as roads and school construction, that are overdue. How do you think the money should be used?

YOUR VIEW: Tell us what you think. Please send e-mail responses by Thursday to carroll.letters@baltsun.com. A selection of responses will be published Sunday. Please keep your responses short and include your name, address and telephone number. Addresses and phone numbers will not be published.

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