Six Mount St. Joseph athletes barred from playing for rest of week

High Schools

April 06, 2005|By Pat O'Malley | Pat O'Malley,SUN STAFF

One day after meeting with principal Barry Fitzpatrick, 10 suspended Mount St. Joseph High School students, including nine athletes, returned to school yesterday.

Seven baseball players, two lacrosse players and one non-athlete had been suspended for attending a party on March 30 where alcohol was consumed in a house.

As punishment, six of the athletes have been barred from practice and games for the rest of this week. The three other athletes were allowed to return to the baseball team.

"They were suspended from school for two days and the athletic suspensions ... amount to four games," said Dave Norton, the school's director of studies and baseball coach.

"Three of the kids had just walked into the party when the police arrived and were allowed back on the team [Monday]."

Norton said the suspended athletes could have been barred from practices and games for 30 days, but Fitzpatrick "interviewed all of them and their parents and decided the penalties were appropriate."

Unlike public school students, Mount St. Joseph students do not sign a code of ethics to play, but Norton said they must "attend a meeting with coaches and administrators at the beginning of each sports season to discuss what is expected of the student-athletes."

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