Harford County Council delays voting on bill to impose housing impact fee

April 06, 2005

The Harford County Council delayed a vote last night on a bill that would impose an impact fee of up to $8,269 on a new home to pay for school construction. The delay was to allow time for reprinting of the bill with a series of amendments.

In addition to the fee of $8,269 on a single-family home, the bill would allow for a fee of $5,270 on a townhouse or duplex and $1,637 for all other residential units, including mobile homes.

During the session, the council approved an amendment that would have the fee paid at settlement, rather than when applying for a building permit.

An amendment to reduce the fee by nearly 40 percent was held over for future discussion along with another that would have the county pay the fee for houses built by nonprofit organizations for low-income families. An amendment that would eliminate the fee for a replacement home, such as one destroyed by fire, also was approved.

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