Ehrlich urges veterans to push tax cut

April 05, 2005|BY A SUN STAFF WRITER

Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. urged a group of veterans yesterday to lobby in support of his bill to exempt about 46,000 military retirees from paying state tax on their military retirement income.

Like a coach giving his players a pep talk, Ehrlich advised the veterans to tell lawmakers their personal stories about how the bill would benefit them.

"We're gonna go down there and we're gonna tackle," said Ehrlich. "That's what we need. We need you to tackle this issue now."

Ehrlich said the bill is to honor veterans and keep them from moving out of state.

A House of Delegates committee amended Ehrlich's bill, cutting the income tax exemption in half, and eliminating the exception for retired officers.

Ehrlich has made the veterans bill among his top legislative priorities this year.

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