Cubs vs. Cardinals

Best Rivalry

National League Central

April 03, 2005|By PETER SCHMUCK

If you're a Houston Astros fan, you've got every right to cry foul, but just remember that your team plays in a little toy stadium and your star pitcher can't even keep track of all his Hummers. The Cubs and Cardinals have been going at it for about a century. End of debate.

The addition of premier starting pitcher Mark Mulder has raised the stakes in St. Louis, where the Cardinals far surpassed preseason expectations last year. The Cubs will be without dynamic slugger Sammy Sosa for the first time since 1991, and they are hoping that loss of offensive potential will be offset by an improved clubhouse chemistry.

Don't get too excited, long-suffering Cubbie fans. Teams that depend on "addition by subtraction" usually have trouble with their division. - Peter Schmuck

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