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April 03, 2005

Last week's question: Carroll County commissioners are considering an all-terrain-vehicle and noise-control ordinance that has led to strong criticism from ATV owners and from residents unwilling to tolerate noise from the vehicles. Should the county enact noise controls that are stronger than the state's? Should commissioners restrict ATV use to certain hours and on property of a certain acreage?

Instead of legislation, explore mediation

The county cannot enact ordinances stronger than the state's, as it is almost impossible to meet the state's ordinance as it is. During the commissioners' meeting, it was demonstrated that the "sound of silence" in the room was 65 decibels, the maximum allowed under the state's ordinance for ATVs.

Is anyone's lawnmower that quiet? It makes more sense to work out the issues between neighbors via mediation, in finding a compromise that maintains the rights of both parties. We are dealing with isolated incidents as opposed to a countywide problem.

Dave Resch


Enact noise controls, restrictions on ATVs

The county should enact noise controls that are stronger than the state has and should restrict ATV hours and acreage.

Tom Yingling


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ISSUE: Carroll County officials, who have learned that the budget surplus for Fiscal Year 2005 will top $50 million, are considering plans on how to best use the revenue. Budget officials have recommended that the money not be used for operating expenses, but should be used to tackle a long list of capital projects, such as roads and school construction, that are overdue. How do you think the money should be used?

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