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April 03, 2005

This letter was received too late to be included in last week's speakout responses. The question for the previous week was: Do you think it would be appropriate to increase penalties for bank robbers, or is there a better way to increase public safety?

Small businesses deserve equal, if not more, justice under the law. The increase in bank robberies over the past 12 months is merely a reflection of Big Business not taking accountability for its actions. The customer-friendly makeover of the banking industry has led certain branches to disassemble their bulletproof glass and lay-off security guards. Thus, we the customers feel more comfortable stopping by and depositing our paychecks. However, the criminals feel more comfortable, too. Why should we, the taxpayers, pay twice: first during the robbery and second during the criminal's extended jail time?

Our banks have spent millions to lure us to online banking and ATM machines. In fact, I know of no one that actually does their routine banking inside the building itself. Instead of burdening taxpayers with the bank's flawed marketing campaign, the Big Business should be held responsible and replace the deterrents that kept the criminals away in the first place; i.e. bulletproof glass and security guards.

When our government decides to increase penalties on armed robbers, they should protect the people that don't have a billion dollars to spend on deterring criminals, namely small business. Let's bring justice to the "little guy" and let Big Business pay for themselves.

Rob LaPin

Bel Air

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