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March 18, 2005


Tourniquets ordered for troopsIn response to pressure from Congress, the Army has ordered more than 170,000 modern tourniquets that are to be shipped to soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan beginning next month. It's expected that each soldier will be equipped with the life-saving device sometime in the summer. [Page 1a]

Medicaid, other cuts erased

The Senate delivered a slap at President Bush and its own Republican leaders by voting to erase his plans for cutting Medicaid, community development, school aid and other parts of the $2.6 trillion budget for the coming fiscal year. [Page 1a]


Coalition losing foreign troops

Despite assurances from President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair that the coalition in Iraq remains strong, thousands of foreign troops have pulled out in recent months -- and with Italy and others considering scaling back their forces, thousands more could leave by year's end. [Page 14a]

China frees political prisoner

China has released a prominent political prisoner and allowed her to fly to the United States for medical treatment and to join her husband in exile as Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice prepares to visit the country. [Page 15a]


Records detail gang ties

Court documents allege that the man who may have sparked the firebombing of a North Baltimore activist's home is the reputed leader of a local Bloods gang. The documents detail how Terrence Smith, who is being held on a separate murder charge, made it known that he wanted to target Harwood Community Association president Edna McAbier. [Page 1b]

GOP fights back on hiring, firing

Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. and Republican legislators fought back against charges that the administration has politicized state hiring and firing, saying the Democrats are guilty of abusing the patronage system. [Page 1b]


SUBHED`Wire' OK'd for 4th season

With its future hanging by a thread for several weeks, HBO's The Wire, was renewed yesterday for a fourth season, during which it will explore education in Baltimore city schools. The decision by the cable network will save 125 jobs in the local film industry while pumping millions into the Maryland economy next year. [Page 1c]


Adidas to offer $250 sneaker

Adidas, the German athletic apparel maker, plans to introduce in stores today a running shoe for $250, reportedly one of the most expensive ever. The shoe employs a computer chip that adjusts cushioning based on a runner's weight, speed and the terrain. [Page 1d]

Ex-Raven part of city project

A Baltimore developer of shopping centers and apartments and a company headed by former Baltimore Raven Michael McCrary have been chosen to revitalize an area near Oldtown Mall in East Baltimore. The $13 million project will include a shopping center anchored by a full-service supermarket. [Page 1d ]


Baseball peppered by House panel

In an all-day hearing held by the Committee on Government Reform, some of baseball's brightest stars uneasily testified about steroid use and House members asked tough questions of baseball executives, going so far as to question whether their sport still deserves its exemption from antitrust laws. [Page 1a]

No. 5 seed Alabama upset, 83-73

Wisconsin-Milwaukee defeated Alabama, 83-73, the 16th time in the past 17 years that a 12th-seeded team won a first-round game in the NCAA men's basketball tournament. [Page 1e]


"I have never used steroids. Period. I don't know how to say it any more clearly than that."

Rafael Palmeiro, Orioles player, testifying before House committee (Article, Page 1A)








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