Letter To The Editor


March 06, 2005

Fees a burden on senior citizens

Mrs. Owens' [proposals for] increasing fees for trash collection and water and sewer usage seem to be yet another onerous burden on the taxpayer. These regressive taxes by both Mrs. Owens and the state (flush fees and auto registration) are particularly egregious to seniors on a fixed income.

Those of us in A.A. County who are on septic systems are now forced to pay a "flush fee" in addition to the waste hauler fee we pay every time our septic system is pumped out. We pay a far larger share of our income for these fees (taxes) than any other taxpayers.

The inequitable treatment of our senior citizens seems to get little press coverage and even less public outcry. Many seniors feel they are no longer welcomed in the very county and state they supported throughout their working careers.

Joe Cunningham Pasadena

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