This Month In Harford County History

Town committee supports revolution

February 27, 2005|By History of Harford County, by Walter W. Preston

The Harford Town Committee met Feb. 22, 1775, and "came into the following Resolves -- To Wit. We do acknowledge that the people of Boston, are now suffering in the Common Cause, and that we ought to contribute to their relief." It also "Resolved: That a Committee be appointed to frame rules and orders for the more regular and quick dispatch of Business in this Committee." Ten rules were "entered and observed."

"Rule 3 -- That while one is speaking, no second person shall speak at the same time.

"Rule 10 -- That any person making use of abusive language or casting out personal reflection be called to order by the Chairman."

Source: History of Harford County, by Walter W. Preston

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