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February 27, 2005


As in most counties around the state, the school superintendent is Anne Arundel's highest-paid employee. Eric J. Smith receives a $197,000 salary, a county car and health and retirement benefits that increase his total compensation package to about $300,000 a year.

Among county government workers, a fire lieutenant and two fire captains were the highest- paid employees last year, benefiting from an overtime system that has come under heavy criticism. Lt. Conrad C. Listman earned $138,000 -- slightly more than half of it from overtime -- to lead the Fire Department. Eighty-five firefighters made more than $20,000 in overtime last year.

The county has hired more firefighters and reworked its scheduling system in an effort to reduce overtime payments, which totaled more than $7 million last year. Overtime spending is projected to be closer to $5 million this year.

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