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February 27, 2005


Suspect arrested in `BTK' killings

Authorities in Wichita, Kan., announced yesterday morning that they had made an arrest in the hunt for a man blamed for at least eight killings beginning more than 30 years ago. He dubbed himself the BTK killer for his preferred method: bind, torture, kill. [Page 1a]

Bush pushes Social Security

Back from soothing relations with U.S. allies in Europe, President Bush is lobbying wary lawmakers returning from a long congressional break, where they heard their constituents' concerns about Social Security overhaul. The lawmakers got an earful from voters back home. Now, Bush wants them to listen to him. [Page 3a]


Iran tops ElBaradei's agenda

Mohamed ElBaradei, director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, is charged with preventing the spread of the most destructive weapons ever created. The No. 1 item on his agenda is Iran. [Page 1a]

Pope won't lead prayers today

Breaking a tradition he kept even after being shot two decades ago, Pope John Paul II will not lead Sunday prayers for the first time in his 26-year papacy as he recovers from a throat operation to help him breathe. [Page 20a]


Religious split over stem cells

The push for stem cell research in Maryland has put two of the most politically active religious coalitions, the Maryland Jewish Alliance and Maryland Catholic Conference, on opposite sides of a complex scientific and ethical debate, as lawmakers prepare for hearings this week in Annapolis. [Page 1a]

A different take on slots

Though both chambers of the Maryland General Assembly have passed bills that would legalize slot machines, stark contrasts between the two proposals make prospects for expanded gambling as murky as ever. [Page 1b]


Movie industry still reels them in

The movie industry has been mugged and left for dead more times than can be counted. But each time, it has gotten up and dusted itself off. America has responded by buying tickets and waiting for the lights to dim and the screen to come alive. When the Academy Awards are telecast tonight, certainly the audience will be smaller than it once was - just as movie attendance has declined since its glory days. But, the awards' place in America's cultural and fantasy world remains secure. [Page 1c]


Companies invest in education

As companies and organizations compete to attract and keep qualified employees, they're turning toward tuition reimbursement as way to build a talented team of loyal workers. [Page 1d]


Receiver, Bears reach deal

All-Pro receiver wide receiver Muhsin Muhammad agreed to a six-year contract with the Chicago Bears one day after being released by the Carolina Panthers. Muhammad was expected to be a target of the Ravens in their search for a frontline wide receiver. [Page 9e]

Gibbs: Coles-for-Moss deal unlikely

Washington Redskins coach Joe Gibbs characterized the likelihood of a reported deal sending wide receiver Laveranues Coles to the New York Jets for wide receiver Santana Moss as "not very likely." [Page 8e]


And the winner is...

Sun movie critics Michael Sragow and Chris Kaltenbach pick their choices for who takes home an Academy Award tonight. [Page 6e]


Trench coat wraps up style

The trench coat's enduring popularity puts it in a select group of clothes that are timeless, iconic pieces: the little black dress, five-pocket denim jeans, the twin set. But in the past couple of years, the trench has also become a sophisticated and cutting-edge fashion statement. [Page 1n]


Savoring a taste of Walla Walla

Native Americans named it Walla Walla, "place of many waters," but it's wine that's bringing the visitors to this town of about 30,000, once best known for its funny name and for a tear-free variety of onion. [Page 1r]


"Hollywood has constantly been pronounced a corpse, yet it never dies."

Jeanine Basinger, professor of film studies at Wesleyan University, on Americans' continued support for the film industry (Article, Page 1C)



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