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February 27, 2005


Who are the three highest-paid Carroll County school district employees?


Superintendent Charles I. Ecker, the district's top adminstrator, is the school system's highest-paid employee. Ecker earns a base salary of $140,000, after receiving a $20,000 pay raise in November. The average pay for Maryland superintendents is $152,036.

Ecker's employment package entitles him to 25 days of vacation, three personal business days and 12 sick days each year. While he doesn't receive a car allowance, he is reimbursed by the school district for transportation expenses up to $9,600 a year. He has waived access to medical benefits.

Harry T. Fogle, assistant superintendent for school management, is the second highest-paid, with a base salary of $100,199 plus longevity pay of $9,464 and "educational add-on" pay of $5,427 because he holds an advanced degree. His total pay is $115,090.

Barry Gelsinger, director of the district's state and federal school improvement compliance, is the third highest-paid employee. Until last summer he was the district's assistant superintendent for instruction. He earns a base salary of $100,199 plus longevity pay of $9,464 and "educational add-on" pay of $2,611. His total pay is $112,274.


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