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February 25, 2005|By Baltimoresun.com Staff

Read our transcript with the Mount St. Mary's interim men's lacrosse coach

Nick DeFelice is serving as the interim head coach this season while head coach Tom Gravante is on a temporary leave due to health reasons. Mount finished 5-8 last season.

Tim, Kansas City: With the help of a solid senior class, a handful or experienced juniors, and sophomores like Eric Seifert, do you see the Mount getting back to the NCAAs?

Nick DeFelice: Absolutely. Last year was a little rocky. I think it was the first time in eight years that we didn't finish first or second in the conference. We have Harry Mendez, our senior All-Conference defenseman back, and we have a transfer from Herkimer (Community College) that is going to face-off for us with Kyle Daddio. We should definitely contend for the conference championship and moreso, for [making] the NCAA tournament.

John, Bethesda: Is Harry Mendez back playing defense after a year off?

Nick DeFelice: He's looked very good. He's a preseason all-conference pick and he's probably going to shut down our opponent's best attackmen all year long. He's not a captain, but he's definitely a leader on defense.

Frank, Upper Marlboro: Who will be this year's leading goal scorer for the Mount?

Nick DeFelice: Our two leading goal scorers are back from last year - Jason Werner and Matt Warner - on attack. Plus we have Dan Hatton back after missing last season due to injury with stress fractures. Seifert is going to get his share of goals. Tilghman Herring moves to midfield from attack and he is doing very well. Obviously Billy Jautze is going to be quarterbacking the offense.

Earl, McLean, Va.: Do you think that a high school team can run an offense that is "no-offense?" By that I mean give them formations and concepts but with no set plays. Just some basic rules and let them freelance.

Nick DeFelice: That may work, letting kids go at will. If you have the athletes to do it, why not try? I don't think high school players would lose any of their fundamentals in a freelance kind of thing. You can always teach them an offense or a defense.

Brian, Chesterfield, Va.: I am coaching a rec league lacrosse team of high school-aged boys. I have been out of the game for 20 years. Can anyone give me some suggestions about how to structure our practices so that they are as productive as possible? To date, the former coach simply let the boys scrimmage all of the time, consequently they really never were able to improve on their own skills as much as they would have liked.

Nick DeFelice: I would do a lot of ball drills and stick skill drills in the beginning. I would do my teaching in the middle of the practice in terms of formations, teaching a new play. Then I would do some 4-on-3, 3-on-2 drills, then some 6-on-6 situations leading into our scrimmage.

Ron, Windsor, Ontario: What does a high school student-athlete need to do to get a college coach to notice him?

Nick DeFelice: There has been a lot of online stuff with database recruiting, but I still feel like writing a letter and sending game film is your best bet. And we still ask every player to have film. If it was up to me I would not send highlight films. If we see the whole game, we can pick apart a player doing good things, bad things, what he's doing off-ball. It doesn't bore us. We analyze a lot of different parts of it and look at what that player does as well as everyone else on the field.

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