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February 25, 2005|By Baltimoresun.com Staff

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Tony Seaman enters his seventh season at Towson. The Tigers finished 11-5 last year and won the Colonial Athletic Association title. The Tigers lost in the first round of the NCAA tournament.

Dominic, Cockeysville: How are the Tigers going to do this year? My mom and gramdmother are alumni and my sister goes to school there now so we are fans.

Tony Seaman: I'm very happy with our progress so far but the real test is on Saturday against Loyola. I was real happy with our progress last year at this time, too, and we got skunked really badly by Loyola in the first game. So Saturday will be very interesting to see if we are really as far ahead as we think we are as compared to reality. It will be a very good test.

We've got some experience sprinkled throughout at every position. Our goalie, Reed Sothoron, is a senior and he's probably one of the more underrated goalies in the country. I think he is very talented. The one thing he's needed to work on throughout his career has been his consistency. First, it was game-to-game and I think he accomplished a lot last year with that. And then it's minutes in a game - he'll make a couple saves that will astound everyone and then a couple will go in that shouldn't go in. So far in preseason, he's shown an improvement with that, which shows maturity.

Defenisvely we have two guys back - Teddy Turnblacer and Adam Cummins. We've also got Matt Mehrer and Ryan Cocchi. We have two newcomers: Steve Jacobs (transfer from Hofstra) and Freddie Lee, who was on the Under-19 England team.

In the midfield, we graduated five seniors who played a lot for us. I have three former attackmen who are now playing on our first midfield: Steve Mull, Keith Obloj and Oliver Bacon. Our second group is also very talented: Nick Williams, Todd MacMullan and Brian Vetter. Those three kids have a wealth of talent as well. I think we're going to surprise some people and be better at the midfield. That progress will proabably take a couple of games.

At attack, we have back our top two scorers, Jonathan Engelke and Bobby Griebe. Both are sophomores and pretty talented kids. We have Kyle Batton back after sitting out last year and a transfer, Kyle Fiat (Utah State), who is as good an athlete.

In the past six years I've been at Towson, we've been either No. 1 or No. 2 in the country in face-offs and we've handed that job from Ben Defeliece, who graduated, to Matt Eckerl. He's had a wonderful fall and two real good preseason games. This is the first time since I've been here that a sophomore has taken the major responsibility on face-offs.

Brian, Chesterfield, Va.: I am coaching a rec league lacrosse team of high school-aged boys. I have been out of the game for 20 years. Can anyone give me some suggestions about how to structure our practices so that they are as productive as possible? To date, the former coach simply let the boys scrimmage all of the time, consequently they really never were able to improve on their own skills as much as they would have liked.

Tony Seaman: It's hard to play the game without being able to catch and throw. In the first couple weeks there should be a lot of emphasis on the fundamentals of passing and catching, getting groundballs and then you can start to simulate game conditions in some of those drills. One of the things we don't do well enough is take a basic fundamental drill and transport it into a game situation. I'd also say short instead of long is important. I don't think you can spend a whole day on one specific thing. Just try to keep it fun as much as you can and keep them relatively interested.

David, Katy, Texas: What do you think of the lacrosse talent coming from the greater Houston area?

Tony Seaman: Both Dallas and Houston have better and better players as they start younger and younger. With all the team tournaments during the summer those kids get a chance to compete against kids from the more established areas. You just never know where the talent is going to come from.

Ron, Windsor, Ontario: What does a high school student-athlete need to do to get a college coach to notice him?

Tony Seaman: I certainly like a game tape, not a highlight tape. I like to see some of the bad things as well as some of the good things. I think there are a couple real good recruiting camps - Top 205 is hands-down the best. There are a lot of team camps also.

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