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February 25, 2005

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Travolta rumored to be dame Edna in `Hairspray'

John Travolta just may be Edna Turnblad in the new movie version of Hairspray, reports Variety, trade paper for the entertainment industry.

New Line studio did not confirm the Travolta choice, and it is unlikely that any casting will be firmed up before screenwriter Leslie Dixon finishes polishing her script. Hairspray is expected but not confirmed to go before the cameras in September. Harvey Fierstein played the Baltimore housewife in John Waters' musical on Broadway.

, Lohan's dad threatened family

The father of teen movie star Lindsay Lohan threatened to kill his estranged wife and children, according to allegations in divorce papers.

"O.J. Simpson has nothing on me," Michael Lohan allegedly told the family's security guard last year. "I know exactly how I'm going to kill [them]. I know when I'm going to do it, and I'm going to enjoy it."

Divorce papers were filed in Manhattan last month by the 18-year-old star's mother, Dina Lohan. Allegations in them were published in yesterday's New York Daily News. Dina Lohan is seeking full custody of the couple's children, alimony and $1 million in damages.

The documents also describe several instances in which Lohan, 44, allegedly beat his wife.

Michael Lohan's attorney, Dominic Barbara, did not return calls to the News seeking comment.

Whitney Houston rushed to ER

Singer Whitney Houston became ill on a flight to Europe and was taken to a Paris hospital yesterday for treatment of apparent food poisoning.

"She is doing well," said Nancy Seltzer, her Los Angeles publicist. Houston, 41, "has gastroenteritis" - an inflammation of the stomach and the intestines. Seltzer said she didn't know the cause of the apparent food poisoning.

Houston was traveling with a bodyguard when she became ill, Seltzer said. The name of the airline and the hospital weren't disclosed for security reasons.

Wedding bells for Cruz

Spanish actress Penelope Cruz said "yes" when boyfriend actor Matthew McConaughey popped the question a few weeks ago reports

The couple, who met last year while working together on the film Sahara, are planning a private July wedding in Madrid.

Three years ago Cruz was linked with Tom Cruise, then-newly divorced from Nicole Kidman. Now Cruise has been spotted with Colombian model and variety-show host Sofia Vergara.

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