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Meet the Band

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February 24, 2005

Meet the Band / Orphan Project

Hometown: Baltimore

Current members: Shane Lankford, vocals; John Wenger, guitar, keyboards, vocals; Scott Spivey, guitar, vocals; Colin McGough, bass, vocals; Tony Correlli, keyboards; Tim Kehring, drums, vocals.

Founded in: August 2003

Style: Modern progressive rock

Influenced by: Kansas, Dream Theater, U2

Notable: The band brought in string instruments -- a violin and a cello -- while recording its first record, Orphan Found.

Quotable: Shane Lankford on faith: "All six of us are strong in our Christian beliefs, but we're not a Christian band. Music has lost the hope, and we want to bring that back. But we don't preach from the stage or anything. We're there to be the best musicians we can be."

Check out Orphan Project tonight at the Funk Box. The band goes on at 8 p.m. Tickets are $10. The Funk Box is at 10 E. Cross St. For more information call 410-625-2000 or visit

For more information about the band, visit

-- Annie Linskey

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