February 19, 2005

UM-Duke rivalry pales next to Tar Heels-Devils

I read with interest Jeff Zrebiec's article last Saturday about the rivalry debate regarding the Maryland and Duke basketball teams ["As Duke rival, UM no heel"].

Having been a Terrapins and North Carolina Tar Heels fan for decades and having lived in Chapel Hill for seven years in the 1990s, I find the debate somewhat amusing.

Certainly, Gary Williams has brought the Maryland program back to prominence with its two Final Four appearances and NCAA title. But the Duke- North Carolina rivalry is punctuated by decades of success for both teams, the proximity of their campuses, the contrast in their institutional philosophies and their long tradition of competitiveness.

Rivalries aren't built in seven years, and writers and fans in one program can't fabricate it.

It builds over decades of success and consistency.

North Carolina and Duke have it; Maryland covets it. It will take time.

Joe Wiley Phoenix

Terps fans who riot are a disgraceful bunch

I have a question for those fans so proud of the Terps' victory over Duke that they felt compelled to express their joy by destroying things. Would it be OK with you if your like- minded peers exacted the same kind of "joy" on your car, your apartment or your parents' house?

It'd be fine, right, because after all they are just showing how happy they are?

What a perfectly shameless display of self-indulgent behavior. Recent news reports question the police response, citing possible excessive force. This is just backward.

Let's look to those who incited this incident for using excessive force as they happily rioted and destroyed property.

Here you are supposedly out to support your team, and this is how you show it?

Your team can't possibly feel your pride when you show not one iota of civic responsibility.

Adding insult to injury, those involved in the melee tried to redirect blame to those public servants trying to protect them from themselves.

The fans' Neanderthal behavior is a slap in the face to their team, their school and their families. How sad.

Martha Wroten Cole Timonium

Amateur hockey alive and well in Baltimore

Thank you for the excellent article on amateur youth hockey in Baltimore ["Beauty of the game keeps it thriving at other levels," Thursday].

The Sun rarely has articles about hockey, and it took the NHL shutting down its season to get some hockey news.

I also would like to point out that Baltimore has a thriving adult hockey program. Ice and roller rinks throughout the area have adult ice and roller hockey programs ranging from pickup to organized leagues.

Adult hockey has leagues for all levels of players - from those that played high school and college hockey to those of us that never skated before. All it takes is a phone call to your local rink to find out more about an adult hockey program nearby.

Perhaps The Sun can satisfy our hockey itch by including stories of the various local hockey programs in the area as well as minor league hockey.

Barry Willen Reisterstown

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