Labor Dispute Cancels Entire 2004-05 Schedule

The Nhl's Lost Season

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February 17, 2005


It's a sad day across border

In the country where hockey is king, fans say it's difficult to fathom an entire season without the NHL.


Other games fill the void

No NHL is no problem in a college hockey hotbed that also is still celebrating Red Sox and Patriots titles.


Sport still gets cold shoulder

The news is greeted with apathy in California, where sports fans have never really warmed to the sport.


`Hockeytown' has heartache

There's sadness and disgust in the home of the Red Wings, fitting for a city also known as Hockeytown.

NHL cancels 2004-05 season; "The shame of this is our fans deserved better," commissioner Bettman says. Page 1A

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