The Flip Side

February 12, 2005

In Florida, Danny Almonte says, `Baseball is second'

Danny Almonte, who rose to fame and infamy at the 2001 Little League World Series when it was discovered he was too old to compete, has left New York for South Florida.

Almonte, now a 17-year-old junior, enrolled at Hialeah American High on Thursday.

"I'm very happy to be here with my dad and my brother," Almonte told The Miami Herald. "I came here to be with them and to study. Baseball is second. Will I play? I don't know yet, but I love baseball."

Almonte, a left-handed pitcher who was Newsday's 2004 Player of the Year at James Monroe High in the Bronx, is expected to work out at major league camps under the tutelage of family friend and Mr. Flip contemporary Orlando Cepeda.

Speaking of aging ballplayers, here's Orlando Sentinel columnist Jerry Greene: "So if Roger Clemens isn't retiring, does that mean a little more for the rest of us in our next Social Security check?"

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