Valentine's Gift Clues


(For your man, who lacks same)

February 06, 2005|By Tanika White | Tanika White,Sun Staff

Valentine's Day is upon us. In just about a week, your significant other --husband, boyfriend, online date -- will present you with that perfect gift that says all the heartfelt things you never knew he felt about you.

Brrrrriiiiiing! That's your alarm clock, waking you up from that pipe dream!

More than likely, what will happen is you'll get stuck making the dinner reservations, he'll show up late with wilting flowers he picked up at the grocery store, and you'll have to rush through dessert so your 16-year-old babysitter can make it to her hot date on time.

Ahhh, love.

Unless, of course, you give him very specific gift requirements beforehand, allowing him the time to shop and give you something you really want on All Lovers' Day. Don't know what you want? That's OK. We have some ideas for every stage of romantic relationship.

Past second base, but haven't hit home: Something pretty, but practical

Time stands still when you're together. Or time flies by.

Whatever it is, giving the gift of time is a good way to let that special someone know that whenever you're together, you're always having the time of your life.

These ladylike Armitron watches are petite with tiny jewels, charms and crystals. They're the perfect romantic gift and have a five-year limited warranty. Even if your relationship doesn't last that long, you know these pretty wrist adornments will.

Left: Kohl's pink faux crocodile watch, with dangling crystal charm -- $55, at select department stores. Call 800-840-2933 to find the nearest local carrier.

Right: Chain-link heart-face watch -- $55.

Hot and heavy: Something sparkly

Nothing says love like something that blings so much it blinds your jealous co-workers.

These sexy, stunning jewels from are perfect for Valentine's Day. Or any day, actually.

Above left: Diamond bracelet, 1 carat, 14K white gold -- $499.

Above right: Pink quartz and diamond ring, 1 / 6 carat, 14K white gold -- $375

Just beginning: Get something edible

iHotto Make-Out Session Kit -- $7.99, / redhotshop (above): The Target folks call this gift packet "Inspiration Point in a Kit," and no wonder. This gift by iHotto includes something for just about every new-love emergency: a pack of Big Red (in case those nachos and cheese you had at the movies just won't go away), strawberry lip gloss, a heart-shaped mirror in a tortoise-shell frame, and a pink "kiss me" pin (to drop hints on your new shy guy).

The Cocoa Room Candy Valentine -- $14.99, / redhotshop (below): If "Inspiration Point in a Kit" is a little too forward for you, here's something for the more subtle among us. Chocolate. It's sweet and simple, especially for that new crush. The Cocoa Room chocolatiers deliver your "I Like You" message in little milk-chocolate-covered nuts. Almonds, pistachios and sunflower seeds are candy-coated in bright red, iridescent pink, cotton candy-colored, black and white shells.

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