Girls sued over cookies draw support from hundreds

February 06, 2005|By DENVER POST

DURANGO, Colo. - Hundreds of people have rallied to support two 18-year-old girls who were sued for dropping off a plate of cookies and a paper heart on a neighbor's porch.

On July 31, the pair decided to skip a dance and, instead, bake cookies for neighbors. They knocked on doors in their rural neighborhood just south of the city of Durango, dropped off the cookies along with paper hearts cut out of red or pink construction paper, then ran away.

But when they rapped on one neighbor's door about 10:30 p.m., the woman said the pounding frightened her into an anxiety attack. A Durango judge awarded about $900 to the 49-year-old woman to cover some medical bills incurred when she ended up at the emergency room the next day.

After news media attention Friday, people called and sent e-mails expressing shock, and pledged money that will cover the $900 court award many times over. Several offered to cover the whole amount.

The teens, Taylor Ostergaard and Lindsey Jo Zellitti, appeared yesterday morning on Good Morning America.

"They just thought it might be their one shot to tell the country they're still not afraid to do good deeds," said Zellitti's mother, Martha. "They'll just try to be more considerate in the future about the time."

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