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February 06, 2005|By The Dallas Morning News

Real estate studies at colleges likened to '90s stock bubble

The hyperactive U.S. real estate market of recent years has often prompted economists to worry about a housing bubble and when it might burst.

Banc of America Capital Management chief market strategist Joseph Quinlan sees a disturbing answer from an unlikely source: college students. Real estate is one of the hottest subjects on campuses these days.

"You might recall that in the late 1990s, in the midst of the stock market boom and dot-com bubble, classes in financial services and Internet-based studies soared around the country," Quinlan wrote in a recent research note. "Even the non-cynic might wonder if a similar result may be around the corner."

About 60 colleges are offering degrees in real estate studies, more than double the number a year ago, spurred by a housing boom fueled over the past three years by record low interest rates.

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