February 05, 2005

O's fans must give Sosa benefit of doubt

There are many Orioles fans who are bitterly opposed to the Sammy Sosa trade and to the way the team's front office conducted business this winter, but let's not beat on Sosa or Mike Flanagan or Jim Beattie or Peter Angelos.

The Orioles' front office made an honest attempt to sign some big-name players but opted not to commit financial suicide with the likes of Carl Pavano, Richie Sexson and Carlos Delgado.

Let's give Sosa the benefit of the doubt. Let's give him a chance to prove himself.

Gary Snapp Keller, Texas

Sosa trade looks like a real bargain for O's

As one of many fans disappointed with the Orioles for not upgrading the pitching staff, I was finally happy to see the team get a bargain, landing Sammy Sosa and having to pay him just $9 million for 2005.

It didn't last all that long with the buzz kill I got from reading Laura Vecsey's column ["High-profile deal is act of desperation, not growth," Sunday] and the column by Peter Schmuck ["Adding slugger to lineup makes sense, or does it?," Saturday].

All you get from these articles is a knee-jerk reaction by writers not willing to think beyond tomorrow.

If Sosa hits 40 home runs and provides more protection for a very strong lineup, how is that not worth $9 million?

Samuel Hershey Raleigh, N.C.

Nothing negative about getting Sosa

I don't understand how the Sammy Sosa deal can be viewed as anything but positive for the Orioles.

Yes, the guy has baggage and is getting on in years, but they got him for next to nothing, and even in a bad year he'll hit 30 home runs.

Jerry Hairston would not have been in any major plans for the team this year.

Even if the Orioles only have Sosa for one year, you could never compare the deal to the Albert Belle situation.

Nick Gawthrop LaGrange, Ill.

Dealing for Sosa better than O's doing nothing

After pondering Sammy Sosa's negatives - as well as what may be left in his bat - I fail to see how he can hurt the Orioles.

It is only a one-year deal, with the Cubs picking up the lion's share of his contract. It's not as if Sosa will be displacing a Hall of Fame player or blocking a top prospect.

Everyone knows the Orioles desperately need a starting pitcher or two, but the front office struck out on all attempts.

Getting Sosa for so little is infinitely better than doing nothing.

John L. Eliot Arlington, Va.

A Cubs fan's view: Good riddance, Sammy

Oh, how delighted we Chicago Cubs fans are to have the quintessential "clubhouse cancer," Sammy Sosa, leave our town. We can hardly contain ourselves.

Orioles fans will surely tire of Sosa quickly, as you watch this egomaniac strike out in countless "runners in scoring position" situations and miss the cutoff man in critical one-run games, as he masquerades as a major league right fielder.

The Orioles have acquired the consummate selfish player, whose productive days are long gone. Thanks for taking Sammy off our hands. This was clearly addition by subtraction for the Cubs.

Luke De Roeck Glenview, Ill.

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