Take a journey into the soul of great music

Concert: An internationally acclaimed performer and teacher, pianist Richard Goode will perform a program featuring Bach, Beethoven, Schoenberg and Debussy.


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February 03, 2005|By Elieen Soskin | Elieen Soskin,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

Where would you like music to take you? If you are looking for a journey into the soul of great music, if you desire to commune with the hearts and minds of some of the greatest classical composers who wrote for the piano, then you should not miss Saturday's 8 p.m. Candlelight Concert featuring pianist Richard Goode at Howard Community College's Smith Theatre.

Goode returns to the Candlelight series for a gala benefit concert and reception for local arts education and community outreach programs.

An internationally acclaimed performer and teacher, Goode will perform a program featuring Bach, Beethoven, Schoenberg and Debussy.

The musical journey begins with the superficially simple dances of Bach.

Bach's Partita No. 6 in E minor, composed for harpsichord about 1715, beautifully integrates Italian and French elements. From the opening Toccata, a piece that Goode will make you believe he is improvising, through the final Gigue, these movements masterfully weave individual lines into graceful, well-ordered and richly melodic gems.

The clarity of Bach's lines is the perfect segue to one of the most pointillistic of Schoenberg's works, his Six Little Piano Pieces, Op. 19, composed in 1911, nine years before he began writing works in the 12-tone style. The six miniatures, while complex, invite the listener into a world where every event has distinct importance. Goode is a model interpreter of these pieces, with the technique and insight to make them sparkle.

The profundity and playfulness of Beethoven will be abundantly clear when Goode performs Sonata Op. 109, written when the composer was in his mid-60s. The monumental last movement, occupying about two-thirds of the length of the sonata, contains an extraordinarily melodic and stately theme and a set of complex variations that use all of the sound potential of the piano.

In choosing to perform all 12 of the pieces in Book One of Debussy's Preludes, composed in 1909 and 1910, Goode invites us into an incredibly vivid world of French images brought to life in music, including Delphic dancers, translucent veils, a sunken cathedral and, in the most famous of them all, a mademoiselle with golden hair. The music, ranging from limpid to spritely, consistently conveys a French sensibility to detail and arrangement.

Goode's artistic and technical command of the music carefully matches the spirit of each composer, resulting in recitals of unusual depth and thoughtfulness. If you know Goode only through his many recordings, you will find an even greater intimacy and impact in his live performance.

The musical journey, with Goode as your guide, will take you places you want to go, as well as places you did not know existed.

Information or tickets: 410-480-9950, or www.candle lightconcerts.org.

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